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I am a Physician (M.D.) by trade, turned educator and entrepreneur.I gave a lot of my time and money to the education system. I followed the path you are “supposed to” and it did not lead me to the wealth or life I truly wanted. I was never even taught about the true wealth I desired and how to approach it. No one taught me about how money actually works. I became frustrated and took matters into my own hands. This platform is a collection of lessons I’ve learned along the way, presented how I wish someone would’ve taught them to me.

I enjoy my job more than ever now because I am not hostage to it. I have the financial knowledge to now work as I desire. This is not about hating your job and quitting to build a million dollar business in a week. It’s about understanding the foundations of how money works so you can live on your own terms and not have life dictated by finances.

Outside of finance, I enjoy writing about life in general and my reflections on experiences so far. You can find that work and my personal profiles below.